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Chezmoi Club

Chezmoi has selected the most qualified professionals, the best restaurants and leisure and tour companies to join its Select Club.  

One member of our team will inform you of how to take advantage of our activities and services. We will explain how to reserve your preferred activities that need prior reservation including tickets to the Sciences Park, Green Fees in the Golf Club, ski classes or tickets to the Alhambra.

We will show you the companies and establishments and how to contact them.

We are sure that you will enjoy them!

  • Discounts on Green fees
  • Gastronomic walks (vegeterian, gluten free…)
  • Personalised stay
  • Ski classes and equipment hire
  • Specialised nanny and baby sitting services
  • Concerts and shows
  • Guided visits to the Alhambra and other monuments
  • Airport transfer
  • Beautiful country side excursions
  • Sport and adventure activities (horse riding, air ballons, hiking…)

Chezmoi Club