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Gourmet Experience

We have been hosting guests from all over the world for many years and our feedback with them has made us develop this 'Gourmet Experience'.

Most of our guests would love to know which products to try, what kind of wine to choose or what gastronomic present they can buy.

Our Gourmet team has selected different high quality products and “tapas” to discover our exquisite Andalusian gastronomy.

This old and traditional custom has lasted for years and has been able to accommodate and incorporate, the evolution of the new Granadian kitchen, one of the richest in Andalusia, thanks to the great variety of products; from the sea, from the land and from the mountain, all essential ingredients in Spanish cuisine like olive oil, all partaken with magnificent wines.

In each season we will surprise you with unique products so that you can taste them at the price you would find them in any of the nearer stores.

Our purpose is to immerse you in the comfort of savoring the culinary pleasures and enjoy the local gastronomy without forgetting your 'home away from home'

Let yourself enjoy one of our jewels.

Gourmet Experience