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Food and wines of Andalusia; a Maridaje made in heaven

From Chezmoihomes we want to offer you an initiation to Andalusian wines and local food matching.

Some basic notions that will allow you to enjoy the local products, the bitter and sweet sensations and their harmony with the Andalusian wines. 

Andalusia has an ancient tradition in the culture of the grapevine and in the production of wines of great prestige and fame around the world. The topography, geology and climate of the Andalusian soils are excellent for the cultivation of grapevine. The Mediterranean climate and the different microclimates, the mild average temperatures (16°C), the shortage of ice and hailstone, the numerous hours of sun throughout the year and a strong contrast in heights and the breeding system create great quality wines, that are at the same time very varied and characteristic ones.

This tendency to a prestige production has continued until now. More than 70% of the Andalusian vineyards are covered by any of the six Designations of Origin established and sponsored by its respective Supervisory Councils.

Discover and enjoy some of them with the best local gastronomy.


Food and wines of Andalusia; a Maridaje made in heaven